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1. When is it?

September 27-28-29. Doors open at 14:00 on Friday, September, 27 and on Saturday, September, 28 and at 13:00 on Sunday, September, 29. The festival goes on until late and might even reach 04:00 at the indoor stages.

2. Where is it?

Street Mode takes place in the port of Thessaloniki, Greece. The venue is the second dock of the port, also known as Warehouse 8, because of the warehouse that is built at the end of the dock. The entrance of the festival is the main gate of the port at the corner of the streets Karatasou & Salaminos. Find the location at Google Maps.


1. How can I get there?

• On foot: If you are in the city center or nearby.

• By bike: You can secure/lock your bicycle at the outdoor area of the festival, under your own responsibility.

• By car: Karatasou is the street above the port and is about 5 minutes away from the city’s west entrance. The festival does not have a designated parking area, but there are plenty of spaces available in the surrounding area at no charge.

• By intercity bus (KTEL): The Intercity Bus Station (KTEL Macedonia) is 20 minutes away on foot and only 5 minutes away by city bus. In order to take the correct city bus, follow the instructions below.

• By city bus (OASTH): There is a bus stop named “PORT” (“LIMANI”) right outside the main entrance to the port (and to the festival) on Salaminos street. The lines that stop at “PORT” are numbers 3K, 15 and 39, when starting at the Train Station. Find the bus stop on Google Maps. Also, the bus stop “TRADE MARKET” (“PLATEIA EMPORIOU”) is located on the above street (Polytechniou) and the city bus lines that stop there are the numbers 3K, 12, 16 and 23. Find the bus stop on Google Maps.

• By train: The “Thessaloniki Railway Station” is about 20 minutes away on foot. If you want to take a city bus, there are many lines departing from there and pass through the city center. For more information on using city buses, check the previous point.

• By plane: Right outside the Thessaloniki Airport, there is a bus station for city bus lines 01X and 01N, that head towards the city center. To get to the closest bus stop to the festival, you have to switch to line 3K at the stop “CRICKETS” (“KRIKELA”) and get off at the stop “TRADE MARKET” (“PLATEIA EMPORIOU”). For more information on using city buses look at the above point titled “By city bus (OASTH)”.

• By subway: Just kidding.

To plan your trip to Thessaloniki you can use this link

2. Is the festival accessible to people with disabilities?

The indoor stages are wheelchair accessible and the rest of the area is flat. There are also bathrooms for people with disabilities. Do not hesitate to ask the festival staff for any assistance with anything else.


1. What different types of tickets are there?

• 3-Day Tickets: Enjoy all 3 days of the festival and all of its activities. The price of a 3-Day Ticket is much lower than buying 3 single Day Tickets.

• Day Tickets: There are separate tickets for every day of the festival, that can only be used for the day they were sold for. For instance, with a Saturday ticket, you can only enter the festival on Saturday. If you would like to attend 2 days, you have to get a separate Day Ticket for the second day you are interested in as well. If you would like to attend all 3 days of the festival, we recommend the 3-Day Ticket mentioned above.

2. What are the Early Bird tickets?

The Early Bird tickets are the very first tickets that are released and there is a limited number of them. They stand out by being quite a bit cheaper and available for just a short time. They are also the preferred tickets of “Die-Hard Streetmoders” and therefore are always sold out early. So hurry and get your “worm”! Buy your own Early Bird tickets for the 11th Street Mode Festival by clicking here.

3. Are there different tickets for different shows / stages?

No, the ticket is all-inclusive. You can access all the events and shows in every festival location with your ticket.

4. When can I get a ticket?

Ticket sales begin on March 15th. Make sure to get your ticket soon, before they are all sold out.

5. How can I get a ticket?

• E-Tickets / Online Purchase: You can buy your ticket online by clicking here. You have to print out your ticket barcode or show it on your phone in order to enter.

• Hard Copy Purchase: You can find these (paper) tickets at various locations, check them on our home page.

• Purchase at the entrance: Due to space’s maximum capacity, there is a strict limit to the number of tickets that will be sold. In the event that tickets are not sold out during pre-sales, the remaining ones will be available at the festival entrance for a higher price. For security reasons, entrance will not be permitted to extra people once capacity has been reached.

6. Can I use a credit / debit / prepaid card to buy my ticket at the festival entrance?

Yes, you can use your debit/credit/prepaid card at every location of the festival with a POS sign.

7. Do children require a ticket?

The entrance to the festival is free for all children up to 6 years old, as long as they are accompanied by an adult with a ticket. We discourage bringing infants under 2 years old, due to the high sound volume and flashing lights in most parts of the festival.


1. I have lost / forgotten my ticket. Can I still enter the festival?

No, unless you have held onto the barcode of your ticket on your mobile phone (in the case of an e-ticket).

2. I can’t make it to the festival, can someone else take my place?

Yes, as long as they have your ticket with them, either an e-ticket or a hard copy. The name of the buyer is sometimes on the e-ticket, but that is not a problem since the barcode is all that is needed to enter the festival.

3. I can’t make it to the festival, can I return my ticket?

Tickets can not be returned or refunded. However, it is common for people to give their own ticket to someone else, outside the festival venue on the day of, for the same price it cost to purchase.

4. I came but did not cross the entrance, can I return my ticket?

Tickets can not be returned or refunded. However, it is common for people to give their own ticket to someone else, outside the festival venue on the day of, for the same price it cost to purchase.

5. How can I exit the festival space and re-enter?

After the ticket check, you will be given a wristband that permits you to exit and enter the festival without needing to go through the ticket check again.

6. I got a 3-Day Ticket, can someone else use it instead of me during one of the days?

See question 5 above concerning wristbands. Every ticket (3-Day Ticket or Day Ticket) corresponds to a certain type of wristband. Wristbands can only be cut off (in which case they no longer grant you entry), therefore they are strictly personal and non-transferable. So you can’t share one of your days with the 3-Day Ticket.

7. My wristband is too tight / about to be ripped off, what can I do?

Replace it with a new one at one of the box-offices at the festival entrance.


1. Are pets allowed?

Pets are, of course, allowed. However, we do not recommend bringing them along, because the large crowd and bright lights might make them nervous.

2. What items are permitted?
What can I bring along?

· Hat / Sunglasses / Sunscreen
· Small shoulder bags and fanny packs
· Skateboard / Rollers
· Non-professional cameras
· Phone / Camera charger
· ID or driver’s licence (or student pass if available)
· The most street outfit you have and comfy shoes!

3. What items are prohibited?
What should I not bring?

· Glass objects
· Metal objects
· Sharp objects
· Torches and flares
· Fireworks of any kind
· Illegal substances
· Food and snacks purchased outside the venue
· Sodas and alcoholic beverages purchased outside the venue
· Coolers and big bags
· Professional video equipment
· Professional audio recording equipment
· Drones and laser pointers
· That annoying friend!


1. What is token payment?

Purchases inside the festival venue are made with tokens*. Tokens replace money in all transactions, for security purposes. In order to obtain tokens, you need to go to one of the token booths at the entrance or one of the many token points near each bar (you can find them on the map). You can buy your tokens with cash or cards. Make sure you get all the information you need about tokens so you can spend wisely!

*The exceptions to token payment include the food stalls, where the payment method is determined by each establishment, and the merchandise booths.

2. How does the token system work?

During the festival, there will be three colors of tokens (blue, red, black), each corresponding to a different value in €. Each product in the bar is purchased with one or more tokens adding up to the value of the product. The black 10 € tokens are exclusively used for the “STREET MODE DEALS” special offers. Consult the festival price list for the cost of items in tokens.

3. How does the “MIX ‘N’ MATCH” system work?

With the “MIX ‘N’ MATCH” system, you can buy multiple products from the bar (not necessarily of the same type) at a better price than if you bought them individually. However, you will have to get them all at once. Consult the festival price list for the “MIX ‘N’ MATCH” offers.

4. Can I return left-over tokens for money?

The tokens cannot be returned or refunded, but they retain their value during the entirety of the festival. If you have leftover tokens from one day, you can use them the next.


1. I have lost my phone / keys, what should I do?

There is a Lost & Found spot operating during the festival (find it on the map). In case your lost item has not been found yet, you can leave your contact information with us and we will get back to you when it turns up.

2. I am calling my child and he/she won’t pick up, what should I do?

For starters, calm down! Your kid is probably just having a blast at one of the stages and isn’t paying attention to their phone or perhaps it has run out of battery. Only in emergency situations that involve a missing person that cannot orient themselves, speak to a festival representative you can find at the Info Point (find it on the map).


1. My band would like to play at the festival, what are the next steps?

Although our music line-up has been completed, there is a chance to hit the stage at Street Mode Festival! This year we organize a music contest called CU #NBT or CU NEXT BIG THING and we are pretty sure you are into this! But what exactly is CU #NBT Music Contest?

CU #NΒΤ Music Contest is a music contest by Vodafone CU and Street Mode Festival, which aims to showcase and promote bands and solo artists of all genres to the big audience. The winners receive a slot at this year’s line-up, and specifically 1 of the 6 slots in total (2 per day), for a complete gig among the top artists of Street Mode Festival’s world!!!

Learn more

2. I would like to take part in one of the events (street art, street dance, music contests, action sports, etc.), what are the next steps?

Over 20 different events centered around street culture take place at the festival every year. Each event will be announced along the way (up until August) and will be accompanied by its own poster and description, where the terms and participation process are also stated. You can find the announcement of the event that you are interested either here or on the festival’s social media pages.

3. I would like to volunteer at the festival, what are the next steps?

Specialized organizations like Ethelon construct programs to recruit and engage volunteers every year, with the goal of introducing and familiarizing them with the environment of the festival. Become a volunteer at Street Mode Festival 2019 by filling this form until 16/9.

If you have any further questions about the festival just drop us a line in the form below.